"You don't think about where you are going to lay your head at night when you have a baby in the NICU. You aren't thinking of yourself - but, you have to take care of yourself in order to take care of your baby. That's why the Ronald McDonald House is so important."

Stacy, Mother

"The help that the House gives to families in need, as well as our family, is an inspiration to us all and has already taught my six-year-old, Rena, how important it is to give open heartedly to those in need."

The Williams Family

"Staying at the Ronald McDonald House allowed me to be at the hospital at a moment's notice during Mason's stay in the NICU. I honestly share my story with tears of joy; the Ronald McDonald House has allowed us to be a family."

The Lung Family

"During my stay at the House there were days when I was sick and wanted to be alone, but then there were days where we had a great time all piled up in the living room."

Judith, Cancer Patient

"My favorite thing about volunteering is the opportunity to listen to the families' stories. This seems to provide great comfort to them and their courage is inspiring to me."

Lilie, Volunteer

"When we came to the House, we sat with the families and realized how the comforts of home can impact a child's healing process. Our donations are our way of showing we care for these families in need."

Dustin DeGoursey, General Manager of La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries, Lexington

Other Ways to Help

Donate Your Vehicle

Vehicle Donation_Image | Ronald McDonald House Charities of Columbia, SC

A BIG tax deduction could be rolling your way soon! If you think that old vehicle in your drive way is not good for much, think again! Donate your vehicle to Ronald McDonald House Charities?! The vehicle donation program is a quick and easy way to help families during challenging times. The proceeds from your donation help to pay for one week at the Ronald McDonald House of Columbia, SC.

Call 1-800-227-7435 or visit www.carshelp.org to schedule your pick up time today!

Special Event Volunteers

Special Event Volunteers help us execute one or more of our FUN-draisers throughout the year to ensure their success. Not only will you have a great time, but your help also means that we can put on quality events, and ultimately, raise more of the necessary funds for our programs and services. This is a great opportunity for groups or those with limited availability. To learn more about upcoming events and how you can help, contact us at 803-254-0118 or events@rmhcofcolumbia.org.

Third Party Fundraisers

Third Party Fundraisers are a great way to support RMHC! Be creative, choose something that you are passionate about and plan a fundraiser to benefit our mission! Past fundraisers have included benefit concerts, golf tournaments, clay shoots, percent nights at local places of business, vendor sales events and much more. We welcome your ideas! Before you get started, please contact us at 803-254-0118 or info@rmhcofcolumbia.org to discuss your ideas. All fundraising events must be approved by the RMHC of Columbia, SC Executive Director.

Provide Wish List Items!

Keeping a house stocked with necessary supplies while eight families are living in it is no easy feat! We are always in need of supplies such as paper towels, individual snack items, paper products, plastic serving utensils, cleaning supplies, fresh produce and more!

New House Wish List

Collect Pop Tabs!

The power of individuals performing small acts of charity is amazing! Collect the aluminum tabs off your beverage cans or soup cans and donate them to us so we can recycle them in exchange for money! All proceeds from this program benefit our mission!

Pop Tab Flyer

Create a Personalized, Online Fundraiser

Whether you'd like to celebrate a birthday or holiday, honor an individual or someone's memory, or simply help others, you can give the gift of togetherness to families we serve. Just start an online RMHC Group Give fundraiser for any of these life events and leverage the strength of your network and help us, help families grow stronger!

Begin Your Online Fundraiser

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